Hi, my name is Maximilian Altmann and I’m the creator of this site. I worked as a recruiter for an ABA company that specializes in working with children with autism for close to a year. During that time, one of my primary goals was to recruit BCBA®s for our organization. This always posed a significant challenge and at the time I was continually searching for websites that focused solely on job postings for BCBA®s. However, I never quite found what I was looking for. Thus, I decided to solve this problem for others and created a site that focuses on job postings for BCBA® positions and is reasonably priced. Being reasonably priced is important to me because a lot of ABA companies are small businesses and don’t have the large recruiting budgets to spend thousands of dollars per year on ads for BCBA® positions when they’re already spending lots of money to attend career fairs, etc. In addition, I also have somewhat of an understanding of the perspective of the BCBA®. While I’m not a BCBA® myself, I’ve also worked within the ABA filed in a clinical capacity and have a master’s degree in ABA. My goal is to eventually become a BCBA® myself.